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Stolen from Jess

 I haven't done one of these in FOREVER so here we go!

Answer the following questions. Then, go to and choose one of the entries for each of your answers.

1. What is your name? 
the hottest and cutest girl in school shes just so awesome and has the best personality, shes realy shy at times but everyone loves her and whoever doesnt love her is just a jelous lozer:) and if ur a guy(damion, aj) then u should deffenitly go out with her

2. What is your age? 
Explosive Diarrhea. You'll know when this happens. The stages of 24 are as follows: 
1. You get a powerful cramp in your lower abdomen followed by gurgling. 
2. You feel the need to walk around and rub at your stomach. 
3. You feel like if you fart, juices will shoot out. 
4. When you finally release 24, it sounds like water boiling. 
5. Your anus burn afterwards.

3. What is your bf/gf's name? 
The fucking shit, the most awesome person to ever live. He can kick your ass at anything and everything. Chris is a god among men.

4. What should you be doing? 
working out
the act of lifting metal to damage your muscles so they will grow in bigger size so ladies can eat them. (this was the only definition available)

5. What is your favorite color?
The sort of wanker living in N Ireland who thinks it's cool to march around in bowler hats and white gloves celebrating a 300 year old victory. I've got news for yez, lads, it isn't. It's fucking funny though. 
Also a kind of fruit, but crucially different from an apple in that you never hear the phrase "Fuck off, ya wee apple bastard."

6. Where were you born? 
Washington DC
the home of go-go(chuck brown,re,byb) nations cap...murder of the sexiest women, the baddest men, && the best nite-life,,,dc has birthed...j holiday, raheem, and many others

7. What month were you born in? 
A month when mostly the hottest girls are born (yeah, I'll stick with this one being the best one)

8. Who is the last person you talked to? 
The bus driver
While having sex doggy style, the left thumb is inserted into the recieveer's rectum and turned from side to side essentially driving the bus. The right hand reaches around and squeezes the right breast honking the horn to alert patrons the bus is coming. Don't forget to wave to the people waiting for the bus. (Whoa.  Never heard that one.)

9. What is one of your nicknames? 
And amazingly enough, there's a definition: the funniest guy at Silicon Valley STaffing Group in Emeryville, CA. He single and ready to mingle.

Man oh mans.

Uh oh uh oh here I am again.

IMG_5395, originally uploaded by skertrevir.

All right! This is a multiphoto entry and for that I am sorry. Hopefully you'll forgive me.

These here are two jars of tomato sauce that I made and canned!! (Or jarred? I dunno. It's called canning but all I see is jars. I blame history.) We got about ten pounds of tomatoes in the CSA this week (we picked it-- we wanted lots of tomatoes!!) I used Barbara Kingsolver's recipe for tomato sauce and stuck pretty close to the recipe because the pH needs to be under 4 or something and if you vary too much, it can mess with the pH and you could get botulism and DIE. And since I don't want to do that, I followed it pretty exactly. Except for the lemon peel since I didn't have it. And I thirded the recipe. I didn't have thirty pounds of tomatoes. It's linked here through the Washington Post. The sauce is pretty good-- we had about another half-quart that I just tossed in the fridge since it didn't fill an entire quart jar.

IMG_5396, originally uploaded by skertrevir.

Last night, we had really good squash-potato cakes (found at the best website ever-- All Recipes-- here). We used like, four squash, so we ended up with a lot of cakes. Because I tire of just eating squash cakes and ketchup or tomato sauce, we decided to make a spin off eggplant parm sandwiches and use the cakes as eggplant. Or something.

So I made this bread. The recipe is out of a cookbook called Making Bread at Home, which is all breadmaker recipes. This recipe called for the "dough" setting, and then you make the dough into rolls, let it rise for 30 min, then bake for 15 min. They were really good! We used white whole wheat flour, which isn't as "wheaty" but is still whole wheat. It's good stuff.

IMG_5394, originally uploaded by skertrevir.

Here's the sandwich! (This one had turkey bacon. Mine didn't.)  Squash cake (with mozzarella cheese), tomato sauce, and maybe bacon.  Mmmm.

IMG_5397, originally uploaded by skertrevir.

... aaand here's breakfast for tomorrow. Roll with eggs, peppers, tomatoes, and cheese. YUM.

IMG_5393, originally uploaded by skertrevir.

Here's dinner for tonight!!

Turkey sandwiches made on the stove. Turkey, cream cheese, mozzarella cheese, and pesto on yesterday's bread. It was awesome.

I made a salad with peppers (green and purple), a HUUUGE yellow heirloom tomato, and 1.5 cucumbers tossed with a little bit of lemon juice, olive oil, salt, and pepper. It was light and good. The soup at the top is leftover from a few days ago that we made in the slow cooker. The recipe we used is another All Recipes one, located at We altered the seasoning a bit to make it a little spicier, and we used regular milk because we had it on hand. The soup was really only used for dipping the sandwiches in, hence the one bowl in the middle.

Tomorrow is CSA day! We've used pretty much everything from last week. Except for one cantaloupe, and I have an idea for that for a potluck at work this week. We'll see how it goes.

Sandwich, fries, and jalapeno popper dip.

IMG_5392, originally uploaded by skertrevir.

Look, I'm on a roll! Three entries in a row.

So we've got cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes to use up before our next pickup date-- Wednesday. Here's our attempt.

Turkey sandwich. On homemade wheat bread (there's a cup of white flour in there too, so it's not whole wheat). There's the turkey, cream cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Mmm.

Fries! We used a bunch of potatoes and the deep fryer. They were good.

Lastly, jalapeno popper dip. This recipe (found here) was on All Recipes's front page today. Jalapeno poppers are probably my favorite appetizer, so I had to give this a shot. It was so good. We ate it with pretzel crisps and it's all gone. I did scale the recipe down to 1/4 of the original since it was like 30 servings or something.


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